Myofascial Therapy

Find inner connection and quietude along with relief of chronic muscle pain with gentle hands-on therapy. The slow unwinding of somatic bodywork brings you into your true home as a fluid, supple and open hearted being. Sessions are on a massage table, fully clothed.

What connections do you want to make for yourself? Women can relieve pain and restore suppleness. Stressed? You can foster calm in your life when you are carrying a lot. At any time in our lives we may face big changes, in our work in the world, in relationships, and within ourselves. Mindfulness practices grounded in the body help us make authentic choices.

Myofascial therapy for childbearing women helps you prepare for birth with better alignment, relieve pain, and to connect with your baby growing inside. Postpartum, you can reconnect with yourself to balance self care with mothering others. 

Make connections for yourself

What are your goals for a session? You can receive relief from chronic aches and pains. Somatic myofascial therapy offers touch that ranges from gentle to firm. Myofascial therapy increases the suppleness of your tissues by nourishing and waking up their vitality.

Inner journey of suppleness & flow

Entering into flow states of mind, one can foster calmness to relieve stress and to go through big transitions in your life. Challenges may still be here, but we can be fluid in meeting change. Somatic touch helps us to waken to our own inner worlds of flow and rhythm, where activity unfolds in quietude.

The somatic approach to myofascial therapy connects with innate qualities of malleability of fascia and its surrounding fluid support system to restore nourishment and suppleness of muscles and fascia. The quality of touch in somatic myofascial therapy ranges from gentle to firm, continuous contact.

Support for your journey