Colic, tummy troubles & sleep

When your baby is constantly crying, this is their cry for help. Your baby may be having tummy troubles. Are you up half the night because your baby isn’t sleeping well?

Our baby transformed

Before taking our son, Miakoda, to craniosacral therapy he was not sleeping at night. He was screaming inconsolably. On the night of our first session with Catherine, he slept soundly for the first time in weeks, waking only to nurse and return to sleep.   – Sam & Breah

Relief from reflux and pain

Lukas began having reflux and very restless crying at two weeks old.  In the evenings he was in a lot of pain. Lukas was only having one bowel movement a week thenWith Catherine and other practitioners’ help, we were able to sort out several problems for Lukas, who is now happy and healthy.  – Anita

Sleep, baby, sleep

Nursing sessions were shorter and settled into a rhythm, so we all got more sleep after your home visit.   – Nicole

Colic is a cry for help

Inconsolable crying is heartbreaking for parents, who try everything possible to help their baby. Your baby is telling you something is seriously wrong. Or the only remedy seems to be rocking your baby in your arms all night. You lose valuable sleep, and feel even more depleted. Time to recover your resilience with effective help.

Spitting up and reflux
Does your baby often spit up? How much? Right after a feed or much later? Does your baby become upset? Is he very fussy and arching?

Distressing gas?
Your baby may squirm and cry from gas if he swallows a lot of air due to poor latch, or has tight fascia, or has food sensitivities from mother’s diet. You can get help sorting it all out.

Infrequent bowel movements?
Generally breastfed babies have at least one bowel movement a day. Going for days without a bowel movement may mean he has internal restrictions. Is your baby rigid and tight in his belly or legs?

Sleep – Help your baby – and yourself
If your baby is not sleeping well, then you are not sleeping either. When you’re exhausted and depleted, it’s so much harder to take care of everyone. All the babies on this page had improved sleep after therapy! Their stories bring hope.

Help for your child's journey