Spinning Babies® Private Sessions

Personalized support for individualized attention. Your private Spinning Babies Parent Class combines an online orientation, video webinar, and live follow-up for active discussion and Q&A.

Go for an easier, shorter birth with Spinning Babies Parent Class and Spinning Babies Aware bodywork. In the Parent Class, couples learn daily essentials that create more comfort in pregnancy. You learn solo activities and your partner learns hands-on support for now and for birth. With these activities you and your partner will have more confidence, knowing what to do when at birth.

You can combine the Spinning Babies Parent Class with Spinning Babies Aware bodywork with discounted packages.

Somatic Bodywork with your Spinning Babies Aware bodywork practitioner

Gentle, effective myofascial bodywork session releases muscles, ligaments, and fascia if:

  • you’re having aches and pains in your pregnancy.
  • you have had a history of recurring pain in your back or hips, even before becoming pregnant.
  • you want to be assured that your body is in the best balance & alignment as you approach birth.
  • you are 32+ weeks, and your baby is in a difficult position.
  • you had a prior difficult birth that was very long, or baby got stuck.
  • you have done Spinning Babies home activities for a week and you still feel muscle discomfort anywhere around your belly, hips, legs, torso, back, neck or head.


Catherine’s training includes Gina Kirby’s use of the rebozo for childbearing women, who carries on the lineage of Central American midwives’ invaluable traditional practices. See full credentials.

Personalized Sessions


Spinning Babies – MAP® alignment session

Spinning Babies MAP (Maternal Assessment Protocol) sessions provide specific guidance for pregnant women to relieve pain and to open pelvic space for your baby. Home program activities will enable you to bring your body into alignment and help your baby come into a good position. May be combined with myofascial therapy bodywork. Recommended at 32 weeks.

Spinning Babies – Breech balancing bodywork session

If your baby is breech, arrange a special session for couples or for a woman and her support person. Practice specialized partner and solo activities to make space for baby to move into a head down position. Take home a comprehensive workbook for your home program. Recommended at 32 weeks.

Spinning Babies Belly mapping session

In a Spinning Babies belly mapping session during the final months of your pregnancy, we will identify the position of your baby through your own experiences of his or her movement. We will draw a simple sketch of your baby on your belly. And we’ll take photos as a keepsake.

Easier birth second time around

With her second baby on the way, Megan wanted an easier birth. After she and her husband did a Spinning Babies private session, they practiced in the few weeks remaining of her pregnancy. Baby rotated into an optimal position as the uterus went to work and labor began.

We are excited to announce that baby Mitchell made his presence earthside on 11/17. My water broke at 11/16 on 1:00am. I felt some big rolls and movements and somewhere between there and going into the hospital he moved to the left side. Labor was slow to start on its own after the water breaking and I ended up going in for a membrane sweep at 5pm the next day and I’m so happy to say it worked! I then had a wonderfully unmedicated birth free of further interventions. Baby ended up being 8lbs 12 oz and 21.5 inches long at 38 weeks and 0 days 🙂 He was ready to be born and our whole family is doing great.

Thank you so much for your Spinning Babies instruction. We felt very prepared and consciously used lots of strategies in early labor when I could think, and unconsciously, and with help of Nick and our doula, Jessica, used other strategies later in labor. I spontaneously used lots of hip dips and lunges which was cool to reflect on and understand why my body was wanting to do that. We had a great birth and thank you for your role in it!

– Megan and Nick

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Registered Somatic Movement Therapist & Certified Doula (DONA)
Catherine helps women and babies to tap into their own inner resources and develop awareness and connection. Her years of experience gives her insight into the journey that mothers and babies undergo from pregnancy, through birth and in breastfeeding – supporting childbearing women and babies for decades with effective hands-on therapies and education.

Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator
Catherine brings a rich understanding of how the body and mind work together for others and babies in pregnancy and birth – providing parent education for prenatal and infant development.


 Spinning Babies® Aware Bodywork Practitioner
Catherine specializes in prenatal myofascial techniques as a somatic bodyworker including movement, positioning, partner support, and MAP for Better Birth™. She is trained specifically to help with alignment in pregnancy and difficult positions of babies. She has studied with Gina Kirby in use of the rebozo for childbearing women, who continues the lineage of Central American midwives’ invaluable traditional practices.